UX/UI Design​​​​​​​

June '19- Nov '19  ​​​​​​​(6 months)
In the summer 2019, I packed my bags and moved to Stadthagen, Germany to begin a 6 months internship in Faurecia automobile. I worked there as a UX/UI Design intern for the coming months in a multidisciplinary team. I was responsible here to help develop new product segment for the aftermarket chain and support the team for the CES 2020 ‘Cockpit of the Future’ project with the design team.
Given complete freedom I took this opportunity and evaluated the idea from a broader perspective and developed high fidelity prototype for user interaction and testing. I worked closely with Senior designers, Product Managers and Engineers but mainly with my mentor Yi Chang and studio designer Frank Urban who pushed me to grow as a designer and help me learn how to deal with problems and design end to end process. 
Due to NDA, I was unable to share the project details until the products were launched publicly. Post my internship got completed the projects finally made an appearance in CES 2020. Furthermore, I was delighted to see my team win the German Design Innovation Award 2020 for the same. If you want to know about my experience, feel free to shoot a message!
Smart Massage Mat is a modular seat extension device. The product is certified and recommended by medical experts. The product aims to improve the posture of passengers while driving and is also programmed to be offer back massage during long drives. The project has been awarded as the German innovation award for the year 2020.

The device inhales air and pumps its small air pockets which blows and offers support in the lumbar section of the lower spine. This reduces chronic back pain for users specially in the heavy duty and commercial driving business. The device can be controlled through smartphone and even integrated with the infotainment system of the vehicle. The intensity, power and other functions can be adjusted based on users convenience. Additionally there are different programs associated with the mat that offers wide range of massage experience for the passengers in the car. 

- Brainstormed with senior designers to categorise primary users and potential market.
- Created wireframe and built the prototype.
- Tested the product together with engineers and co-ordinated with the app developers.
- Designing UI of the application.
This project was meant to target vehicle OEMs and attract potential interested customers. By creating an MVP we planned to showcase the capabilities of Faurecia in the automation and digital interior experience segment. To explain briefly, the objective here was to create a connected experience while allowing passengers to shift seamlessly between drive, relaxation, social and work modes. Being a part of this project gave a new dimension to the way I think and narrate story through demonstration via mock up. Click the below button to get the complete view of this project.

I was involved in developing the initial story behind the experience of the user with the central information display and the instrument panel screen when the user enters the car.
With feedback from senior designers I was able to build different ways that proposed various possible micro interactions with the central infotainment display when the driver starts the car.


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